Get your brows in check, with Mary Greenwell

If you’re blessed with a gorgeous thick brow, that’s wonderful. You’d be doing yourself a huge injustice to make your brows thin. Plucking the eyebrows became popular in the 20s, when we were impressed by the ladies of Hollywood and their super thin brows. The actresses drew their brows on, a thin line that made them look like they were in a perpetual state of shock.

Eyebrows have the potential to completely alter the way that we look, so take care over them.  Today we aren’t after that overplucked aesthetic. It isn’t fashionable. A natural, bushy brow that looks less ‘done’ is in vogue and we can thank Cara (Delevingne) for that.

We’ve left the overplucked brow behind, and thankfully we’ve also moved away from that spray-painted Kardashian brow.

Just like make-up and hair, today we’re after a more natural look. Let your brows be. Carefully remove only the odd rogue hair – if you must.  Or if you feel your brows need some serious attention, threading is a great way to get brows in shape but do your research and find someone whose artistic and has a good reputation. 

If you have dark thick brows, embrace them, simply brush your brows up. Blonde brows are beautiful, quite the statement, if I had white blonde brows I would just leave them be.

For the rest of us, pencils, powders and gels are the best products to achieve your very best brow. Pick the perfect pencil or powder carefully.  Always choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your hair colour.

There are so many very good options on the market, we really are spoilt for choice. 

For pencils, HourglassLaura Mercier and Tom Ford are my favourites. Once you have delicately filled your brows, set them with a gel, the best is EyekoGel, it will perfectly finish your brows.

Doing your brows is a really important part of. They can completely transform your look. 

Add a glow to your cheekbone and browbone with an Hourglass stick or Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter. It will make your brows pop and finish your look perfectly.

Remember the more natural your brows are, the prettier they are.

Work with what God gave you. Here’s to fabulous eyebrows. 


Words @marygreenwell

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