High-sheen, glitter and gloss. Get ready to shine, with Mary Greenwell

Just when you thought the world has gone back to a completely natural beauty look, it’s time to wear glitter. Think high-sheen, gloss, shimmer and sparkle.

The weather has been testing but summer is coming, so let’s hit the new season with a big glittery bang.

It’s all about going that bit further. Don’t save glitter for the evening, use it all the time. Every time you go out. Projekt Glitter’s Biodegradable glitter set, made from plants and not plastic delivers on the OTT look. Simply gloss your lids and lips and apply the glitter particles directly with a small brush or your fingertips.

At the Oscar de la Renta show in February, makeup artist Pecheux sent the models down the runway with glowing skin and Mac’s 3D glitter on their eyes. It looked current and chic.

Think carefully about where you’re putting your glitter. Do add full-on glitter to your eyelids. You’re not going to put glitter in the middle of your forehead, are you? What will that do for you? Absolutely nothing.

The brilliant Pat McGrath has changed the way we think about glitter, she is wonderfully experimental and she’s influenced us all.

Deep, rich glitter looks amazing on eyes; then you have the apricots and neutrals to ease oneself into the trend. These tones will look beautiful when you have a sunkissed summer glow. Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon eye pencils are the easiest way to apply sparkle to your eyelids, in one fell swoop.

Lip glosses have made a comeback too. Opt for glosses that have a lot of shimmer pigment for a divine 2018 pout. High-gloss shimmer lipsticks are great too, Huda has a brilliant offering.

It’s true, you can’t wear glitter makeup after a certain age but that’s fine because you wouldn’t want to – it’s a bit like wearing a mini-skirt.

For a subtler take on this trend, do see Rihanna’s Fenty beauty range. Her range has changed the way we think about makeup. The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife and the very handy, purse-sized Match Sticks deliver the perfect dose of shimmer and shine and are perfect if you’re not going for full-on glitter. Add the Fenty products to your (cheek) bones and eyes. Almost every brand has a good shimmer powder or gel these days.

‘It’s true, you can’t wear glitter makeup
after a certain age but that’s fine
because you wouldn’t want to
– it’s a bit like wearing a mini-skirt.’


Go and try it all. It’s been a long, dark winter, it’s about time we got joyful and had some fun!

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