Why we’re all having IV vitamin drips…

There’s been a profound shift in how we perceive ‘wellness’. Once upon a time, wellness was considered a luxury, indulgent even – fancy spas and expensive ‘holistic’ treatments. Now that we’re all such a ‘mindful’ bunch, wellness is just part and parcel of every day, we work out more, we’ve ditched the fags (considered a vape) and swapped our fried chicken for Seitan, in a selfie-obsessed quest of self-preservation and living our very ‘best life.’

42% of millennials are drinking less alcohol compared to three years ago, and are more likely to spend those hard-earned pounds on Spirulina smoothies and a Barry’s Bootcamp workout – during the working the week at least. 


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The 58% who are still partial to Porn Star martini haven’t got time to be hungover. Say hello to the IV vitamin drip. No longer reserved for the Hollywood elite, high-powered suits and Coachella’s VIP tent, new company Get A Drip have made IV vitamins accessible to the masses with prices that start at £60. These tube-fed concoctions promise to rehydrate and boost energy levels.

Despite mixed opinions from health professionals, the vitamin drip is more popular than ever. The clinic based in Shoreditch is fully equipped with massage chairs, magazines and TVs for your comfort, and it’s inundated with customers, all day, every day. Business is booming and founder Richard Chambers has just opened a second site at Canary Wharf.

‘We aim to help you improve your overall health and wellness quickly with affordable IV drips and Booster Shots administered by a health professional.’  – says Richard.

To some, hooking ones-self up to a vitamin solution might seem quite extreme, but when you need a little pick me up, it’s a perfectly plausible solution. The vitamins bypass the gastrointestinal system, which means that 100% of the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed directly into your body. Anything your body doesn’t need will just come straight out of you when you go to the loo.

In theory, the human body can get all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs from a well-considered diet but the IV drip is proving popular with the time-poor, and who isn’t time poor. It’s also a swift and efficient way to flush the system, and give it a boost if you’re embarking on (another) detox.

The drips shouldn’t be relied on to cure the aftermath of a big night out. Let’s just get this straight, there’s actually no real cure for a hangover. When alcohol enters our digestive tract, it encounters an enzyme called dehydrogenase. This enzyme metabolises alcohol into acetaldehyde – which drains our bodies of antioxidants, B vitamins, and other vital nutrients. This causes dehydration, plummeting blood sugar levels, nutrient deficiencies and cellular damage to our vital organs, particularly the liver. The drip is one way to help rehydrate and replenish yourself to speed up your recovery. But the only real cure for a hangover is time.

The £60 ‘Party Drip’ is a concoction of Paracetamol, anti-nausea medication (ondansetron), anti-acid medication (ranitidine), saline, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate. The magic formula works to combat dehydration, sleep deprivation, fatigue, nausea, and inflammation by getting you rehydrated quickly and delivering the necessary vitamins and minerals to renew your body’s natural chemical balance.

The process takes just 30 minutes and is administered by a healthcare professional, while you relax.

To see the whole menu of drips and vitamin shots, head to Get A Drip right here.

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