March with us in PROCESSIONS and celebrate a century of women

This summer, we continue to celebrate a century since women fought for and won the right to vote. The Representation of the People Act was enacted after tireless campaigning from our fearless ancestors and we’ve used our vote wisely since; 72% of 18-24-year-olds turned out for the 2017 General Election, the highest percentage since 1992, and 64% of us exercised our right to vote in the Brexit referendum.

On Sunday 10th June The PROCESSIONS marches will take place in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff simultaneously. Exercise your rights, your voice box and give thanks to our fearless sisters that went before by joining us.

PROCESSIONS is organised by 14-18 NOW, the programme using art to connect people with WW1, and Artichoke, the company who brought you Lumiere and other public art invasions. They have commissioned 100 artists to create 100 pieces of art in the form of banners to be paraded across the UK on march day.

Jenny Waldman Director of 14-18 NOW said, ‘There’s a feeling of real camaraderie when people take over the streets and do something that is hugely enjoyable and at the same time has great meaning.’

Super excited to announce a new project I’m working on!! Eeek!🖌🖍 #PROCESSIONS2018 have commissioned 100 women artists to celebrate 100 years of women being able to vote in the UK and I have been invited to be an official ambassador by @1418NOW! (yes if you didn’t know I’m an artist as well as a musician but have taken time out to concentrate on music but will soon be releasing my mixed media canvas work very soooon!) If you haven't heard of PROCESSIONS, it’s is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a mass participation artwork taking place of the 10th of June – exactly one month today! These will be taking place in London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff and you're all invited to join. I’m going to be there at the event in London along with my soul sister @helibells! To find out more and to register to take part, visit 🎨

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‘A lot of art is about questioning boundaries and the status quo. These boundaries have been used over time to restrict female identity and other identities that aren’t within hegemonic realm’. Says Quilla Constance, an Irish-Jamaican artist who has been commissioned to create one of the 100 banners in collaboration with Bedford Creative Arts and the women of Bedford.

Quilla’s own art explores female identity and mixed heritage. ‘[Feminism] seems to be a sexy subject in the media. The inequality was very obvious when the suffragettes were fighting, now feminism is more complex.’ 

Quilla’s ambitious banner has been made with lycra, sequins, African Dutch wax, Chinese prints, English lace, pearls, and, Spanish flamenco fabrics, to make their message come to life in 3D form, oozing carnival vibes.

Quilla Constance

On the day all participants will be given a purple, white or green scarf to wear to recreate the coloured stripes of the suffragette uniform in the PROCESSION. Banners are encouraged but not necessary.

Foundry Fox will be walking in the London march, which starts at Park Lane at 2 pm. Sign up to walk with us here, it’s free.

Picture Credit: Banner image, Chanel SS15 show, Paris

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