Honey, we’ve shrunk the shades – The huge impact of teeny tiny sunglasses

This year’s latest fashun statement is barely-there, don’t-even-cover-your-retina shades. They don’t provide much UV protection and you might develop cataracts but they do look very sassy.

These teeny shades might spark memories of your mum, the Costa del Sol and the 90s, but trends are like boomerangs, they come back.

Some trends we’d be happy to never see again – cue low rise denim of the noughties (Christina Aguilera) and Juicy velour (Paris Hilton) but shake a bumbag, boob tube or a pair of silly-specs at us and we swoon.

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Style bible, Vogue said of the tiny sunglasses revolution, ‘To wear miniature specs is to ask to be seen. They make a close-up selfie slightly more subversive, a stepping-out-of-the-hotel moment more stylish, and turn the red carpet walk into a coy tousle with photographers’ lenses. See me! No don’t!’ Small specs are unabashed. Small specs make a statement. Small specs reveal a layer of a person that has been concealed by oversized shades for the last decade.


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Where did the trend start though? Was it when Kanye sent Kim an entire email saying, ‘You cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little glasses’? Was it that picture of Tyler the Creator wearing kids’ sunglasses? Or the collab collection from Adam Selman and Le Specs. Wherever this snazzy little trend came from, these tiny shades make you look like some kind of fashion-assassin, and we like that.

Mindy Kaling is dubious of le petite spec, she tweeted, ‘I think we will regret this tiny sunglasses look’. Maybe we will Mindy, but isn’t fashion history full of regrets? If we want to look like we’re extras in the Matrix, then we will.

People say you shouldn’t wear a trend if you wore it the first time, but screw that, you wear your teeny tiny sunglasses with pride and flaunt your eyebrows and under-eye bags to the world.

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