Seven insane ice creams to get you through this week

Gone are the days of ‘cup or cone’: if your frozen treat isn’t more beautiful than Princess Elsa herself then it just ain’t working hard enough. Here are seven epic serves that you’ll long for come rain or come shine.

Mango Bingsu at Jin Juu, Soho

Feather-light ribbons of fruity shaved ice form the fluffy body of this Korean speciality. They’re carved off a homemade ice block to order and layered with coconut sorbet and tropical fruits. If only grilled rum pineapple made an appearance in every sundae.



Matcha velvet ice cream sandwich, Yolkin

The macaron and the ice cream sandwich have snuggled up together and the babies are super cute. Yolkin’s owner Sammie started making ice cream to use up the yolks leftover from baking macarons: a legitimate food mash-up. Her Chinese heritage is put to delicious use in flavours such as matcha velvet and black sesame.


Charcoal and coconut cone, Soft Serve Society

We can’t pretend that this goth-friendly swirl didn’t catch our eye on Instagram. It’s chic enough for front row. But the smooth coconut flavour and allegedly healthy activated charcoal combine to make a soft serve that could put Mr Whippy out of business.

The Unicone, Milk Train

However you feel about the unicorn trend, there’s no denying that this fluffy, rainbow-sprinkled treat is insanely appealing. Flavour-wise the most you can hope for is a hint of vanilla, but the sugar hit will make you forget your taste buds existed. Plus once you’ve posted the photo you might get a follow from a My Little Pony.


Vegan chocolate waffle cup, Yorica

Free-from needn’t mean no-fun at Yorica, which as well as being the UK’s first allergen-free restaurant serves dairy-free soft serve sundaes piled with vegan waffles, chocolate sauce, Oreos, springles, fresh fruit and anything else your cruelty-free belly desires.


Choux Bun Sandwich, Chin Chin Labs

Their ice cream equipment makes even a straightforward cone look like wizardry, but actually it’s their dessert/ice cream mash-ups that are truly magical. Stop by their Soho branch for a crisp choux bun stuffed with olive oil creme patisserie and your choice of scoop. Hey presto! Heaven on a plate.


Peanut Butter & Jam Ice Cream Sandwich, Blu Top

The kindly guys at Blu Top will build your dream cookie-ended handful based on what they’ve churned that week, but do look out for their nutty, tangy PB and J. There’s a satisfying symmetry to eating an ice cream sandwich that’s filled with ice cream based on a sandwich. Plus it’s insanely delicious.


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