Secret London…we catch up with Dylan Weller

Twenty-one-year-old model, stylist and image maker Dylan Weller has recently moved back to London from L.A. We caught up with the taste-maker to find out what’s going down.

Absolutely love this @stellamccartney SS18 ready-to-wear look! ❤️🍓❌

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Whereʼs home?

I’ve got a home in Maida Vale West London. I live with my friend but soon my younger sister, Jessie, is moving in too. I’d love to buy in Silver Lake in LA, so I can have my own base there too as my mum lives in LA.

Describe what would be your ‘best night out’ in London…and what’s your drink of choice?

Iʼm quite a grandma! I donʼt go out much unless itʼs a cool event but as long as Iʼm surrounded by all my friends and theyʼre happy, anywhere cheap and cheerful. Drink of choice, always champagne or a glass of wine. Iʼm not big on spirits.

Where do you head if you want to dance?

Any event hosted by NTS radio or if I’m in LA, then definitely one of the Rail Up parties.

Best meal in London?

Literally ALL food! My ultimate favourite would have to be sushi though. Thereʼs a cute Greek restaurant near my house that I just discovered called Tsiakkos & Charcoal

Last gallery or exhibition you went to?

Last exhibition I went to was the Juno Calypso at the TJ Boulting Gallery. I’m going to make sure I make it to the Loewe x Andrea Hamilton at the Tate Britain when I next have some time.

Best place to watch a gig? 

Last weekend in Lisbon, my boyfriend, his brother and I went to a traditional Portuguese event and danced to a live band. The best place to watch a gig would probably have to be an outdoors space so Victoria Park or something similar. There’s nothing better than listening to good music in the sun.

Best sunny summer spot?

Kyoto gardens, Holland park

A little London gem not many people know about but you love?

Not many people know about Clifton Nurseries. It’s a great place to relax with a coffee and I always end up buying some plants for my garden. I’ve got a few more but can’t give all my secrets away!

Where do you head if you want to buy a new outfit?

I recently went to STRUT archives in Hackney, which is my new favourite. Otherwise itʼll always be Torgom Trading in LA which sells everything at wholesale price.

Any secret gem clothes shops that arenʼt mainstream that you love and why?

A company names Nodress, which I love! I recently bought two items and theyʼre amazing! Purchases can only be made by instagram DMs.

🌸 @Yu67 🌸 in new collection ✨

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Last thing you bought?

Two tops from I AM GIA

Swim-wear choices for this summer?

Hot-As-Hell – an L.A.-based company which is incredible.


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Where do you go to get new makeup?

I donʼt. My mum’s a make-up artist so I steal hers, although I rarely wear any to be honest.

Where do you go to have your hair done?

I live for Salon Benajmin in LA and make sure you go to Megan as she’s amazing.

To spa or not to spa?

Iʼm not too big on treatments. I do my own at home ones. Liking REN skincare at the moment.

Do you work out? 

Yes, as much as I can while working. I love to box and do HIIT classes. I work out mainly at the Soho House gym and always use their pool if I canʼt be bothered for a proper workout.

Best London Park?

I grew up in Primrose Hill Park, so will always be my favourite.

Can't believe it's over

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What festivals will you be going to this summer?

I went to Coachella earlier in the year, but this summer Iʼll probably leave it as Iʼm super busy with work. If my dad’s performing at some, Iʼll head down for the day.

Favourite muisc?

Yellow days, Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean. I’m also really loving all the female artists out there at the moment like IAMDDB, Ray BLK, Mahalia and Fatima.

Podcasts or books?

I love reading. Currently Iʼm devouring ‘Portrait of an addict as a young man’ by Bill Clegg. I have a pretty unusual taste in books.

Best coffee?

I love making coffee at home and sitting in my little garden. If I’m out then Iʼll probably go somewhere in Soho, sit outside and watch the world go by.

Where would you go for the perfect ‘date’ in London?

This is hard! I know of great date-night spots in LA but not as many in London. For now, somewhere intimate with good food and drinks in Notting Hill, such as Laylow would be the perfect date-night. 

When youʼre hungover you….

Pig out on the sofa all morning! After that some lunch and then I crawl to the gym to sweat it out!

Your icon is….

For sure my dad. I know itʼs a typical answer, but heʼs got eight kids and still somehow tours and has time to produce albums.

What’s in your bag?

Wallet, phone, lip balm, blue mascara, snacks (always), gum and vitamin packets.

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