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Around one in three of us will be affected by low libido at least once in our lives. There are lots of factors that can mess with your sex drive – fatigue, lack of self confidence, a strained relationship, some hormonal contraception can play havoc with those natural rhythms, stress, SAD (come on sunshine).

 ‘Stress, which releases cortisol, can sometimes block the actions of the hormones that support sexuality – and many people just don’t understand their own sexuality very well,’ saysSarah L. Berga MD, The Chair of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University School of Medicine,.

If you’re seriously concerned about a dip in your mood and sex drive, you can speak to your GP. But first, try these. 

Drink Tea

Yup, really.

Australian company Your Tea believe they have the natural solution to a low sex drive.

‘Ever wondered if it’s actually possible to leave your libido behind? Like you’ve come back from two weeks in the Bahamas, but for some reason, it wasn’t packed back in your suitcase?’ asks Traditional Medicine expert Dr. Nat Kringoudis.

‘Sex Tea’ combines all natural herbal ingredients such as the ironically named horny goat weed which contains the chemical compound Icariin, reputed to increase libido and even cure erectile dysfunction in men, and boomrape which can support normal functionality in the kidneys.

‘From a Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint, the kidneys play a huge role in libido’ writes Kringoudis, ‘When the kidney function is lacking, most likely from a result of poor lifestyle choices, we can experience all kinds of whacky symptoms, especially in the sex drive department.’

Sex Tea is designed to be consumed twice a day for 20 days,

 Stimulate your senses

Smell is evocative – the smell of suncream in winter can take you right back to a beach in July, a whiff of a fragrance can transport you to your teens, or trigger a steamy memory; your sense of smell is much more emotive than you may think.

Aromatherapy oils will have you smelling divine, they’ll perk up your mood and give your libido a boost.  

Neroli oil is an essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Some say a powerful aphrodisiac, it can balance hormones and increase libido, particularly in women.

Rose Otto oil can be good for women with a low sex drive or who struggle to orgasm. It can also be helpful for men with erectile difficulties.

Lavender can be thought of as outdated and boring but it can increase blood flow to genitals and enhances female sensitivity.

Try Neal’s Yard Neroli at £25 for 2.5ml or Rose Absolute by Naturally Thinking at £11 for 2ml.

Work up a sweat

We all know that endorphins make us feel better, giving us a natural high and making us feel ABSOLUTELY INVINCIBLE. And there’s something very rewarding and satisfying in working up a big old sweat. If that feeling is a distant memory it’s time to down tools and factor in some time in your schedule to get moving. The post-workout benefits of feeling less jiggly will also make you feel a lot more likely to want to get ‘jiggy’. 

Gauge your mood,  if you feel pent up, choose a workout to sweat it out, if you’re feeling frazzled, choose yoga or meditation to calm the mind while strengthening the body.

Frame, Shoreditch has lots of brilliant classes to get you going. Try a fun dance class, box-fit, abs & ass (yes please) or a zen yoga session. 

Go green

Nobody likes being lectured on their lifestyle choices but the plain fact of the matter is that people in the UK eat too much meat.

Meat is a perfect source of protein and you absolutely should have that bacon sandwich on a bleary eyed Sunday morning. But if you’re not already doing the one meat free day a week why not try it out? It’s better for your health, your heart and your waistline, and it’s better for the planet (reduces water usage and CO2 emissions).

Extend your culinary prowess with some delightful vege dishes, or check out the latest vegan hotspots in London.

You’ll feel lighter, brighter, more energised, which can only be a good thing for your libido.

Try ‘Plenty’ by Yotam Ottolenghi for beautiful veggie inspiration or ‘Vegan: The Cookbook’ by Jean-Christian Jury for exciting vegan recipes from around the world.

Treat yourself to something beautiful

Danish designer Anine Bing has created a lingerie line with real women in mind. ‘We stay away from fussy hooks and hardware’ and with a focus on real women, shown in her latest campaign which features women aged 19 to 64 relaxing in their own homes, if any underwear is going to make you feel like your sexiest you, it’s this.

Soft silks and flirty lace combined with a focus on  = absolutely smoking  underwear that we want to wear every day.  It is sure to make you feel sexy. 

Shop Anine Bing’s new collection here.

Beauty is skin deep

Despite what Instagram (filters) will make you believe, not everyone has perfect skin. In the harsh winter months skin can get dry, red, dull – combine that with a long London commute and a lack of vitamin D, winter skin can be depressing. Which in turn does nothing for our self confidence.

With spas across London, find the perfect facial for you at Cowshed.  


To watch very real women being body confident and celebrating the female form in every sort of shape and size it may come in is extremely empowering. It’s a brilliant night out too.  

Why not try your hand at one of London’s Burlesque classes. Getting out of your comfort zone in a supportive yet sexually charged atmosphere will do wonders for that waning libido.

Visit the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy their monthly Burlesque show, or take it a step further and visit Torture Garden for their Burlesque and Bondage night. If you want to have a go yourself The Cheek of It! School of Burlesque and Cabaret offers classes with an ethos based on ‘Inspiration, empowerment and fun.’

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