Secret London: 10 minutes with Jack Walton

Jack Walton is the boy to watch, with his easygoing upbeat melodies. Currently working the London circuit, rubbing shoulders with the whose who.  We met him for a Thursday tipple,  to get the lowdown on his London life.

How often are you in London these days?
I’m around for a few days most weeks, gigging, recording, partying at meetings…

Describe your best night out in London…
Well…for legal reasons I probably can’t say where I was or who I was with, but it involved a lock-in at a very unassuming place where, randomly, loads of cool celebs turned up out of the blue and it ran into the early hours…great night.

If I fancy a bit of a party or a good night I’d head to some cool old school haunts in Soho like The French House, Garlic & Shots and Trisha’s.

Where do you go to listen to new bands?
The Hope & Anchor in Islington or any of The Blues Kitchens, The 100 Club in Oxford Circus, The Oslo, Hackney. The Garage in Highbury and Islington.

The best place to watch a gig?
Brixton Academy is such a great venue. Also summer gigs at Hyde Park, you’re right in the middle of London and the tunes are blasting across town.

Who are your musical icons?
Hendrix and Prince.

Last live music gig you went to?
The Looking Glass, Shoreditch a couple of days ago – but I was playing so does that count?!

Best places to eat it?
I love Asian food, so it has to be Roka, Bo Drake and some really nice Vietnamese restaurants in Shoreditch and Hackney way too.

Favourite sunny summer hangout?
Ibiza, Ibiza, Ibiza. My record label has a lot of connections there so I get to go a lot, it’s also where I celebrated my 21st birthday, so I guess it will always be special to me. I’ll be heading out for the closing parties.

A little London gem?
There’s a very cool bar in Peckham Rye called Peckham Springs.
It has everything you need for a good night out.

Where do you head if you want to buy a new outfit?
I’m lucky enough to get given quite a few clothes to wear, some of the small up and coming labels are doing some cool stuff. If I want to treat myself then I head for Selfridges (Yellow Heaven). The last thing I bought was a vintage shirt from a charity shop near Leeds, I thought it had a bit of a Cuban vibe, but that might be because it smelt like an old cigar box, HA.

Whose style do you love?
There’s a guy called Keaton Henson, who I follow on social media. He’s an artist and musician. He always looks super cool. If I’m going high end then Gucci is my favourite brand, although you can’t beat a crisp suit, so I guess Tom Ford and David Gandy are impeccably put together.

Where do you work out?
BXR gym which is great, but travelling and staying in different places means I’ve had to come up with a method of training without a gym. I’m into calisthenics at the moment as it’s a strong workout but doesn’t involve loads of equipment.

What festivals will you be going to this summer?
I’m quite busy working in the studio and promoting my new releases, so not much time for festivals this season, but I will definitely going to Leeds fest as it’s my hometown one!

Where would you go for the perfect date in London?
It would have to be a picnic at Primrose Hill or Hampstead Heath, chat for hours and watch the world go by.

If you could buy a home in any spot in London where would it be?
Somewhere near Chiltern Street in Marylebone. It’s central, has The Firehouse, some great shops and cafes like TRUNK or Monocle and a great BXR gym.

What do you never leave home without?
I’d like to say something quirky here but, sadly the truth is my phone, followed by my guitar!

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