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    ME-H5100 wood Halogen Moisture Meter is a new rapid moisture testing instrument.corridor halogen lamp ensures samples of even heating with simple operation,accurate measurement .
    When measuring the samples weight, at the same time, the moisture analyzer uses annular tube heating mode, rapidly drys samples, in the process of drying, moisture meter keeps measuring and displays the quantity of samples moisture loss, after drying,the final determination of moisture content value will be locked display.Compared with the oven heating method, halogen heating method can evenly rapidly dry samples at high temperature, not damaging the surface of the samples.
    Alternatively,the test results have good consistency with the method of national standard oven, while the detection efficiency is much higher than the oven method.For it just needs a few minutes to complete tests.
    ※ With CE Certification
    ※ Display: Touch screen LCD display
    ※ Drying technology type: Ring halogen lamp
    ※ Temperature range: Room Temperature ~ 160℃
    ※ Interface: RS232 interface
    ※ Pan diameter: Φ90mm
    ※ Power : 50/60±1Hz, 110v/220v
    ※ Packing dimensions: 350*350*450&7KG
    ※ Function: Meausuring water content, drying weight percent, ATRO drying weight, ATRO moist weight.
    Technical Details
    Model: ME-H5100
    Moisture Range: 0-100%
    Max. Weight 100g
    Reading accuracy: 0.005g
    Moisture Readability: 0.02%
    Moisture Accuracy: 0.01%
    Moisture Reproducibility : 0.2%
    Heat Time range : 1-99min
    Temperature Accuracy : 1℃
    With CE Certification
    Packing dimensions: 350*350*450mm , 7KG
    The moisture meter is widely use, suitable for fiber material, bamboo, wood, Chinese traditional medicine, tobacco, cotton, paper, leather, textile, food, agricultural, chemical raw materials such as items, however the rapid determination of moisture content.
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