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    Description of ceramic lined tube
    The quality of ceramic lining pipe is different from traditional steel pipe, wear – resistant alloy cast steel tube, cast stone tube and steel and steel rubber pipe. The outer layer of ceramic steel tube is steel pipe and the inner layer is corundum. The hardness of the corundum layer is as high as 100 — 1500 (rockwell hardness is 90-98), which is equivalent to tungsten cobalt hard gold. The abrasion resistance is more than 20 times higher than the carbon steel pipe, which is much superior to the corundum grinding wheel. Now the corundum grinding wheel is still the main grinding wheel of various grinding machines. The alumina layer in the ceramic steel tube can wear out the corundum wheel. The anti-wear of ceramic steel tube is mainly by the corundum layer with a few millimetres of inner layer. Its mohs hardness is 9, second only to diamond and silicon carbide, and its hardness is highest in all oxides.
    Process of the ceramic lined tube
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