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    Wire diameter 0.08mm-50mm
    Material carbon steel(SWC), 65Mn, cold roller steel, stainless steel(SUS),
    beryllium copper, phosphor copper, brass, music wire, piano wire(SWP), 60Si2Mn, 55CrSi, Ect.
    Finish blacking, zinc/nickel/chrome/silver/gold plating/powder coated,
    spraying coated, electrophoresis, Ect.
    Certification ISO 9001, SGS, IATF16949, ROHS
    Quality Grade Optimal
    Application Electronic producats, Children toys, Baby carriage, Bicycle, Kitchen appliances, Cameras, Printers, Office equipment, Precision equipment and various kinds of vehicles
    Packaging of spring PE bags, Cartons, Pallets
    Load Type Compression, Torsion, Extension
    Lead Time Winthin 20 working days
    Warranty period One year
    Notes 1. Please offer us your spring spec,we can make spring based on your requirements.
    2. Discount offered if with large order quantity.
    Sheet Size:about 25mm x 10mm/0.98”x 0.39”(Length x Width);Spring Length : 9mm/ 0.35″
    2 pcs Spring Contact Sheet welded on to the battery case,fit for 2 x AA battery
    Elasticity of spring lasting stability, good conductivity.
    It made of materials that will not easy to get rusty. long service life.Wire Forms manufacturers